The other side of the great immigration debate and ticking off my to-do-list

I’m feeling fairly on top of things today. I’ve ticked off quite a bit from my ever growing sort-out-before-Bulgaria list. However, there is still the lingering feeling of worry, like I’ve forgotten to even write down the most important things which need doing. Although, I am fully aware that the dull ache in my gut is bound to be there regardless.

All of this pales in comparison to some of my other worries at the moment, 01/01/14 – D-day on the immigration worrywarts calendar. The huge public debate on immigration has shifted its focus squarely on Bulgaria and Romania, with new rights allowing freedom of movement, overblown Armageddon inducing stories of mass migration have been and will continue dominating the media. With that in mind, yes there will be an influx of migration to the UK – that is to be expected and yes, as with any major EU change this will cause issues which need nationally addressing. However, what is wholly unacceptable is certain politicians need to demonise every single Bulgarian and Romanian in order to convince voters that they are ‘getting tougher’ on immigration.

Not to worry, I’m heading to Bulgaria in just 16 days which should balance things out a bit. But what will Bulgaria think of me when I arrive? Here’s hoping their opinion of me will not be tarnished by the UK’s national reaction to their new movement rights, here’s hoping I will not be accosted just for being there, that there will be no metaphorical pitch forks or signs saying ‘Go home’ or ‘Get off my land’ and that I will not be automatically brandished as a Bulgarian hating Brit.

P.s check out my leaving England soon tourist photo x



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