Langauge Experiments Volume One

Language experiments volume one is a set of three handmade books and clampshell box. It uses two pre exiting texts to form an investigation into language and constrained writing, using detailed and laborious processes. The two text used were An Interview with Charles Bukowski by Jay Dougherty and William Carlos Williams, The Art of Poetry No. 6, Interviewed by Stanley Koehler. Through a series of alphabetising and comparison the first two books create a detailed and through examination of the original texts. The original texts were then re-written separately but in reference to one another, meaning everything in each text was, by a process of re-assembly, use to create a new text. These new texts were creating with meaning as the core principle, by this I imply that the end product was indented to make sense and not just simply a pile of language in a nonsensical order. They texts were created in reference to one another with the idea of creating a conversation in mind. The new texts can stand alone or be read together as a combined discourse.

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