Gerturde Stein / Nichol Keene

Gertrude Stein discussed punctuation to great length. She discusses individual punctuations, almost giving them personalities of their own based on their merits or negative qualities. For these reason when I developed an interest in punctuation I chose to work with Stein’s text Punctuation in prose.

This book attempts to create a completely internal dialogue between myself and Stein, through the text Punctuation in prose. Keeping the text entirely whole, neither adding nor taking away from the original text. To achieve this I broke down Stein’s text into sections, selected some to keep and some sections to remove. From the removed sections I assembled into my half of the discussion, turning the text into a dialog. Nothing has been added nor subtracted, there are still exactly 2049 words in the text and each word is precisely the same. Nothing has changed, but everything has altered.

To read an online copy of the book please click here.

This work was selected for an exhibition curated by Simon Martin at Studio Voltaire. For more info on the exhibition click here.


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